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Association of Cameroonians in North Somerset (UK)


This association was formed in 2006. The idea was to amalgamate the Cameroonian community living in Weston Super Mare (South west of England). The objective is to meet members in view to socialise and create a forum for discursion and entertainment.

About us

The association has a membership of 35 and is by registration with 5.00. Meetings have been scheduled on the 16th of every month with every group member having the opportunity to host and provide Cameroonian dishes like achu, fufu, pepper soup, ndole, koki, ekwang etc. We choose to meet at each member’s houses because it helps us as a group to make sure members are okay. The money for food and drinks is contributed by members and handed to the host. The group is not exclusively for Cameroonians but they entertain visitors who will like to become associate members to join. We are delighted to share our cuisine and customs with our host community of Weston as we believe it is important for us to be inclusive. As more people join we hope they bring new ideas as to how we can celebrate our culture.





Chairperson: Ernest Fru Che

Flat 4, 105 Moorland Road

Weston Super Mare

BS23 4HU


Vice Chairperson: Walter W Munde

Flat 2, 38 Whitecross Road

Weston Super Mare

BS23 1EW


General Secretary: Lawrence Ngwashiri

Flat1, 105 Moorland Road

Weston super Mare

BS23 4HU



Treasurer/Financial Secretary: Otto Mbem

Flat 2, 36 Whitecross Road

Weston Super Mare

BS23 1EW


Protocol Officer: Humphrey Bosang

46 Locking Road

Weston Super Mare

BS23 3DN


Social Secretaries: Dorece Hunter

Flat 3, 36 Whitecross Road

Weston Super Mare

Bs23 1EW


Nkem Muluh

27 Lower Church Road

Weston super mare

BS23 2AQ




Childrens' corner:

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The Cameroon Family at Winter Gardens

The Association since creation has held 7 monthly meetings and has built confidence in members. Members have used this meetings to know about other Cameroonians living in and around the Weston area. The Association made an indelible mark at its debut New Year's Party on the 3rd of february 2007 at the St. Paul's Church Hall in Weston. It was a crowd pulling party with guests of all nationalities in Weston and its environ. The high table was flanked with dignitories including the Mayor and Chairlady of the North Somerset Council, the Community Development Officer (Katherine Roces) North Somerset Council and a host of others.
Members as well as guests were treated to a variety of  typical Cameroonian dishes. The only problem encountered by guests was that of making the choice of food. The bar was filled to capacity and was placed nearest to each person's finger tips.
DJ Otto stretched 100 percent of guests on their feet all evening with typical makossa, Assiko, njang, zouk, bikutsi and western sounds
The Association was invited to participate at a forum for minority groups at the Winter Gardens in Weston organised by the North Somerst Council. Members once again thrilled the crowd when they stepped into the inner bowl of the Winter Garden Hall Complex in typical traditional dresses chanting the "WE ARE TOGETHER" song. Gladys Ngwasheri and Perpetua  threw the crowd in to total jubilation when the "Njang" dance was called in. Again another problem occured here with the guests confused on what to focus their attention on. It was difficult to choose a point of focus from (the colourful dresses, the njang music, the dancing and the magestical movements made by Prince Lawrence Ngwasheri with the ladys bowing behind him and waving the traditional cowtail. 
The children were not left behind as they were described as being very coordinated and fully aware of what was going on. the crowd was again treated to a restricted variety of Cameroonian dishes which was described as splendid.
A stand was allocated to the Association and it was filled with photographs covering every aspect of Cameroon with highlights including football,  tourism, agriculture, social, education, infrastructure etc.
All in all, the party was nicknamed the "birth" of the Association and the participation at Winter Gardens the "baptism"




Telephone contacts could be made to the following:
President (+44(0)7878688155/+441934621140
Secretary (+44(0)7805248265/+441934613150)